Kelo Cote Cicactrices 100ml Spray

SKU: 4000042 Sinclair Kelo-Cote Spray better for Cicactrices 100 ml


Kelo-Cote Spray is a gel for use in first-line for the treatment of scars. It is the only gel silicone transparent, patented quick-drying for the treatment of keloid scars and hypertrophic.


This product is recommended for treatment of old and new hypertrophic and keloid scars of injuries, wounds and burns. Kelo-Cote Spray can be used on children and people with sensitive skin.

Tips for using

for a better efficiency of the product, do not hesitate to shake the bottle well before use. Your scar must be clean and dry. Hold it 15/20 cm from the surface to be treated and spray the spray along the scar light moving back and forth.

Apply Kelo-Cote in a very thin homogeneous layer and Spray evenly on the affected area. The product should dry in 2 or 3 minutes. The spray accumulates, drop or flow, if you have sprayed in too.

This Spray should be applied twice a day for 3 months for optimum effect and can be applied under compression garments or sunscreen.


This product is a Gel with a patented formula of polysiloxanes and silicon dioxide.