Juvamine vitamin C 500 without sparkling sugars 30 tablets

SKU: 2061032 Juvamine vitamin C 500 without sugar sparkling 30 pills

In certain circumstances of life, the body may need extra vitamins intake due to a particular environment or State: pregnancy, sport activity, stress, tobacco...


Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue. It also helps the body to defend itself against external aggressions by contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Juvamine vitamin C effervescent 500 has been designed to support the resistance of the organism against external attacks 1/4 quarter-Tablet brings you 156% of the recommended daily intakes in order to cover all needs in vitamin C.

operating tips:

Every morning, dissolve 1/4 of effervescent tablet in a glass of water.

Program from 4 months to renew if necessary.


Excessive consumption may induce laxative effects.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended to respect the indicated dose.

E110 dye may cause adverse effects on the activity and attention of children.


Acidifier: citric acid; Bulking agent: Sorbitol; Vitamin C; Baking powder: sodium acid Carbonate; Support: Polyethylene glycol; Natural Orange flavour: 0.8%; Sweetener: Sodium saccharin; Orange yellow dye: E110.


75.2 g.