Gum Hydral Spray moisturizer 50ml

spray moisturizing for dry mouth who offered him an immediate relief.
Manufacturer: Gum Butler
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SKU 6301725 Gum Hydral Spray moisturizer 50ml


Hydral Spray Humectant is a product of oral hygiene of the Gum laboratory suitable for sensitive mouths. Indeed, it brings immediate and lasting relief in the mouths dry or Pasty.

Its gentle formula:

  • to moisturize dry for comfort, mouth

  • to protect the mucosa of the irritatiosn through the formation of a protector on dry, fabrics

  • to soothe the mouth,

  • promote the muco-gingival tissue repair.

your mouth is relieved and protected lastingly.

, its sweet aroma to Spearmint hypollergenique gives mouth a sensation of freshness and comfort.

Tips for using Gum Hydral Spray Humectant:

Spray spray humectant directly in mouth several times per day. Do not rinse.

Renew the application as often as necessary.


Product without alcohol, paraben and aroma strong.

For adults and children age 7.

Keep out of reach of children.

If symptoms persist longer than 30 days, consult a health professional.

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