Carmex cherry balm moisturizer SPF15 lip (7, 5g)

moisturizing cherry lip balm to soothe, relieve and hydrate them. Learn more
Manufacturer: Codepharma


SKU 5132321 Carmex cherry balm moisturizer SPF15 lip (7, 5g)

A nice smile is a weapon of unstoppable seduction. The lips, to be beautiful, need care. Indeed, they see all the colors: changes in temperature, the poses of lipstick to repetition, the Sun, stress,... It is therefore important to hydrate them, soothe and care.


Carmex, created in 1935 by Alfred Woelbing, is one of the best selling lip balm in the world. In the USA, it is the number 1 balms. It is recommended by all pharmacists.

Carmex is intended for damaged and chapped lips. Indeed, it provides excellent protection in situations such as skiing, jogging, cycling, and beach sports.

Carmex balm moisturizer:

  • soothes,

  • relieves,

  • and moisturizes lips.

It also protects the lips from the Sun's rays thanks to its 15

In addition, the balm penetrates very well, does not stick and leaves lips slightly brilliant and colorless. Its smell with cherry leaves a delicate feeling of freshness.

Thus, the lips are immediately protected and hydrated sustainably.


Keep balm out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

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