Canys line dog pup 200ml shampoo

puppy shampoo to gently clean the skin fragile and immature puppy. Learn more
Manufacturer: Canys


SKU 4896507 Canys line dog pup 200 ml shampoo

Canys specialises in veterinary products. Indeed, it offers products suitable for dogs and cats for their toilet, their health or their behavior.


the range line dog Special puppy offers you products specially suitable for puppies because they respect their immature and fragile epidermis.

Line dog puppy shampoo is a shampoo suitable for:

  • puppies,

  • the fragile epidermis.


This puppy shampoo gently cleanses the epidermis fragile and immature puppy through its neutral pH.

Indeed, its vegetable cleansing base derived from coconut and palm oil has a physiological washer action.

Silk proteins it contains restore flexibility and shine to your puppy coat.

operating Canys line dog puppy shampoo tips:

Apply a small amount of shampoo into the coat of your puppy. Gently massage to properly distribute the foam and elmulsionner dirt.

Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Then proceed to drying and combing.

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