Bioderma Sensibio AR BB cream anti-redness light 40ml

Reduces intense redness, evens your complexion and hydrates your skin
Manufacturer: Bioderma


SKU 5127797 Bioderma Sensibio AR BB cream anti-redness light 40 ml

Properties Sensibio BB clear cream:

Care BB cream sensibio is specific for sensitive skin with redness, to couperosique trend.

She is first on the skin reactions including redness. It reduces them strongly, your skin is relieved and hydrated. This treatment is ideal for skins that are transient or ongoing redness. Your skin is strengthened by these virtues moisturizing and replenishing. It also calms your skin like irritation reactions or feelings of discomfort.

Specificity BB cream provides skin recatives skin natural, clear and unified all lightness. The combination of the two properties, this cream mask your redness, smoothes your skin and hydrate.

Your skin is radiant, nourished, soothed and protected.

A formula all in one for sensitive skin and reactive.

UV protection 30

Sensibio BB cream clear operating tips:

Use this cream in the morning, after well cleaned and dried skin. Do penetrate into the cream.

conservation Sensibio BB clear cream:

Keeps 6 months after opening

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