Bioderma Atoderm bread cleaner amount Lot of 2 x 150g

SKU: 7768980 Bioderma Atoderm bread cleaner amount Lot 2x150g

Description: Atoderm cold cream bread cleanses and purifies daily skin knowing drought intense, chronic and recurrent, dry and reactive skin and thickened and scaly skins to the rough touch. Atoderm cold cream bread fight against the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for the worsening of skin droughts and therefore space reactive flare-ups. Atoderm cold cream bread allows, hygiene, strengthen the skin barrier.

indications: skin sensitive, dry to very dry

operating tips: wet your face and your body with warm water and lather Atoderm cold cream bread in your hands, then apply the foam on your skin by circular movements. Rinse thoroughly; Rinse time must always be greater than the washing time. It is imperative to dry your skin. Drying must remain delicate. DAB your face and your body with a clean cotton towel, prior to application of moisturizing cream. Atoderm cold cream bread is used 1-2 times per day.