A-by disinfectant pest control spray 200ml

Pest control disinfectant to disinfect clothing and bedding

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan

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SKU: 6614074 A-by disinfectant pest control spray 200 ml

A-by is recommended in the following cases : a human ectoparasite Infestation: sarcopte of the scabies, head louse, body lice and Pubic Lice (louse). a casual human parasite Infestation: chip, bug. A-by is a complement to the treatment of these different parasites, allowing to avoid the frequent phenomena of human re-contamination by clothing or bedding. tips to ensure a perfect disinfection of textile articles likely to was in contact with the parasite : washing at a temperature high (above 55 C) all the linen body, toiletries as well as sheets, pillowcases and all clothes that support high temperatures, used for 3 or 4 days preceding the finding of parasitic infestation spray bottle of A-by, away from flame on the entire surface of textile articles cannot be washed at more than 55 C, by holding the vial at 30 or 40 cm of articles to disinfect it at the same time disinfect clothing upside down and place (in insisting on seams, armhole), and bedding (mattresses, blankets, pillows, bolsters) of all people living under the same roof there is no need to dry clean clothes after disinfection textile articles disinfected with A-by are reusable in the following hours spraying :< br > 1. Treated garments are available 2 hours after disinfection. < br > 2. Treated bedding is usable 12 hours after application of the product; Precautions for use : spraying shall not be carried out by asthmatic subjects or in his presence. A-by destroying the cold-blooded animals, do not spray near an aquarium. bedding should not be used within 12 hours after application of the product. A-by is non-toxic in the normal conditions of use. However, to prevent respiratory discomfort, open the windows of the pieces where spraying is carried out. in the event of accidental spraying in the eyes, wash abundantly with water clear. before use on textiles, test on a few square centimetres of fabric to check that A-by leaving intact textile.