Pimelea Violet Bonbons 100g

Handmade violette bonbon sweets for a fun and deserved treat.

Manufacturer: Pimelia



SKU: 9593007


The Pimelea Violet Bonbons brought to you by Pimelea is a bonbon sweet formulated with violet essence. This small format sweet, no bigger than a thumbnail, is in the beautiful shape of a five-petalled flower. The sweet contains the essence of the violet flower and the colour also. The violet has many properties which help combat anxiety, colds, fatigue, stress, headaches etc.Violet flowers reduce the troubles of coughs and help fluidify secretions in the respiratory passages, i.e. removing phlegm. The leaves of the violet flow are emulsifiying and they help reduce skin irritation while the root has properties that counter vomiting

Due to their high content in saponins in small dose is also effective in removing phlegm. Violet flowers also contain irona which is a ketone smelling of of violet as well as salicylic acid combined with a glucid. This acid is also present in the plant seeds.


Small size sweet in the shape of a five-petalled flower containing the aroma and colour of the violet flower. Particularly indicated when sick with the cold or flu. 

Recommended Use:

What more advice than to enjoy these darling little sweets at your pleasure. During times of cough or cold, this delicious violet bonbon sweet is an ideal remedy to carry around with you to take to help reduce the signs and ill feelings.


Sugar: 49.21% Corn syrup: 49.21% Violet fragrance: 0.5% Acidulant: Citric acid E-330 (073%) Natural colouring: E120, E153 (0.36%) May contain traces of milk 


Plastic sweet bag 100g.