Forté Pharma Expert Autobronz Apricot 20 Vials + 10 FREE

For a bright and naturally sun-kissed complexion and hydrated skin
Manufacturer: Forté Pharma
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Forte Pharma Autobronz 20 bulbs + 10 offered taste apricot

Properties: its effectiveness relies on the action of 3 active ingredients :-carrot extract titrated in beta carotene acts on the colour and quality of the skin due to its anti-oxidant. -tomato extract is titrated in lycopene, pigment that gives its red colour to the skin of the tomatoes and has potent antioxidant properties. -red palm oil contains a mixture of natural carotenoids that intervenes in the staining of the skin and prevents aging skin. In addition, the formula also contains evening primrose oil known for its power on the hydration of the skin. operating tips: Take a bulb per day, morning, pure or slightly diluted in a little water. Excellent taste Apricot-Carrot! 30-Day renewable. AutoBronz 3 c does not exempt from the use of a sunscreen suitable for your skin type.