Vetoform Anti-Parasite Dog & Puppy Tablets x 50

Natural purge against intestinal worms the dog and puppy.

Manufacturer: Vetoform

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Special dog and puppy Vetoform is a food supplement for dogs and puppies in tablet form.This pest control intestinal acts as a natural purge against worms.It is suitable for dogs and puppies from 1 month.This food supplement to natural plant extracts, developed under veterinary control contains:

  • garlic and Mugwort known to promote the elimination of worms and the improvement of the events related to the presence of intestinal parasites (diarrhea, bloating, flatulence).
  • thyme to the disinfecting properties contributes to the good digestive health.
  • Chamomile calm and your pet.

Directions for use:

Put the tablet in the bottom of the mouth of the animal, then make him drink some water.The Tablet may be crushed and mixed with food.-pour puppy more than a month, give 1/2 tablet daily for 5 days, to renew every 6 months-pour small dog (< 15 kg), give 1 to 2 tablets per day for 5 days to renew at each change of season

-pour dogs of medium size (< 15-30 > kg), give 3 tablets per day for 5 days, renew at each change of season

-pour dogs of large size (> 30 kg), giving 4-5 tablets per day for 5 days to renew at each change of season.


bulbs of garlic, thyme leaves, roots of echinacea, leaves of Sage, Chamomile flowers, leaves of Wormwood, thickening, flavor meat.


1 box of 50 tablets.