Urgo Urgopore Giant Non-Woven Microporous Plaster 2,5cm x 9,14m

For sensitive skin, lets the skin breathe, for frequent dressing - hypoallergenic

Manufacturer: Urgo

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The Microporous Plaster from Urgopore is an air-permeable and water vapour permeable microporous plaster.

Moreover, the removal of the Microporous plaster is almost painless and non-epilatory. It follows the movements of your body.


Fixating dressings for fragile skin and patients with high risk of allergy.
Fixation of probes, fixation of drains, fixation of tubing.


Non-woven rayon fibre backing, copolymer adhesive and non-depilatory.

Colour: white, nude.


9.14 m x 25 mm.