Tena Men Premium Fit Level 4 Large 10 Pads
Tena Men Premium Fit Level 4 Large 10 Pads
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Tena Men Premium Fit Level 4 Large 10 Pads

Manufacturer: TENA

Urinary protection designed specifically for men
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Tena Men Premium Fit Level 4 Size L 10 pads are suitable for moderate to severe incontinence in men.

These disposable incontinence pads have several advantages:
  • a double absorbent pad with an absorption capacity of level 4, i.e. 1430ml
  • an absorption control system
  • a reinforced security against leaks
  • Fresh Odour control system to reduce odour
  • discreet fit under clothing
  • a masculine design
  • soft, dermatologically tested cotton feel
  • a breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe
  • softness and flexibility for freedom of movement and everyday wear.
This product, specially designed for men, combines comfort, security and discretion.
Absorbent underwear for men with moderate to severe urinary incontinence.
Size L for a waist size of 95 to 125 cm.
Put on the protector like a normal underwear.
To remove the protection, tear the side seams provided for this purpose.
Throw away after use.

Do not flush down the toilet.
Pack of 10 protectors size L.