Teane SOS Stretch Marks Balm Organic 100ml

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installed stretchmarks restorative balm.

Manufacturer: Téane

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SKU: 9928933 Teane balm SOS stretch marks 100 ml


Teane, Baume S.O.S stretch marks and from care of organic agriculture. It repairs and reduces stretch marks installed. This balm can be used at the end of pregnancy and after childbirth. The massage of the skin allows added efficiency in the fight against stretch marks, it allows an excellent impregnation of assets. It is also a moment of relaxation for the expectant mother. Your skin and nourishes and stretch marks fade.

balm SOS stretch marks tips:

used at the end of pregnancy, he accompanied the changes of the body and after childbirth. Apply to affected areas morning and evening. Insist on installed stretch marks. Do not apply on recent scars from caesarean section. Lactation period clean the nipples before feeding.


it is made with 100% natural active ingredients: extract of Cassia Alata, Centala Asiatica and Mimosa Tenuiflora, avocado oils and Argan, Shea butter, Aloe Veran Rose floral water. paraben, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic.

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Number of reviews : 10
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A. Anonymous
  the 31/07/2020
5/ 5
Super produit sent très bon tient plutôt bien 👍
A. Anonymous
  the 23/01/2020
4/ 5
Bon produit mais flacon plus petit que ce que j’espérais.
A. Anonymous
  the 14/08/2019
3/ 5
Je pense qu'il faut de la persévérance
A. Anonymous
  the 26/07/2019
5/ 5
Super efficace
A. Anonymous
  the 12/03/2019
3/ 5
Bon produit s'étale facilement bonne odeur mais je ne remarque pas encore ses effets après 2 mois d'utilisation.