Talika Pigment Control anti-dark spot light
Talika Pigment Control anti-dark spot light
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Talika Pigment Control anti-dark spot light

Manufacturer: Talika

LED technology device inspired by the aerospace research to anti properties spots to find a glowing skin.
Stock available 2


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Talika Pigment Control light stain is device using Light Therapy light green technology and Ionotherapie to fade brown spots local due to the aging of the skin and the Sun, and restore a luminous skin day after day.

From aerospace research,Talika Pigment Control light stain is the first instrument cosmetic stain!

As soon as 30 days, is observed up to 44% reduction in the appearance of the spots. The intensity and the surface of spots are visibly reduced. Green light to 525nm mitigates the tasks to restore brightness by participating in the anarchic synthesis of melanin responsible for the coloration of the skin and diminishes the appearance of tasks and their surface. The ionotherapie uses an imperceptible inonique micro-current to give to the skin of the permeability in order to make effective the assets of anti-spot creams.

It is very easy to use on the face, neck and décolleté.


Light device to reduce the tasks

Directions for use:

Press the button on the device, then place the appliance on the skin at the level of tasks on the hands, face and décolleté.For good results, it is advisable to use in addition to the care stain to be applied before the use of Pigment Control.


1 box of 1 unit.

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