Suvéal Duo 60 Capsules

Concentrated dietary supplement for healthy eyes.  

Manufacturer: Densmore

SKU: 4594752


Suvéal Duo is a dietary supplement  for eyes in the form of capsules to help fight eye tiredness thanks to its concentrated fish oil-based formula. Developed by Denmore laboratories with the aim to deliver zinc and DHA, this product helps maintain healthy vision. Suvéal Duo also contains many selected elements to give you special, targeted actions: vitamin C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also helps with normal, healthy vision and a healthy nervous system to help reduce the sense of fatigue. See more eye care products here.


To maintain healthy eyesight and fight against eye tiredness / fatigue. 

Recommended Use:

For healthy eyes, our pharmacists at Sanareva recommend to take one Suvéal Duo capsule during a meal with water/ It is strongly advised not to exceed the recommended dose. Store this dietary supplement in a dry and sheltered area away from heat. Keep out of reach of children.


Nutritional values for Suvéal Duo:

Qualitysilver,  Fish Oil, cont

aining Omega 3 (430mg per capsule): DHA 50% / EPA 10%.Vitamin C (100mg per capsule): 125% of reference nutritional values.Vitamin E (30mg per capsule): 250% of reference nutritional values.Extract of tagetes erecta: 66.7mg containing lutein (10mg) and zeaxanthin (2mg).Microencapsulated zinc: 15mg or 150% reference nutritional values.


Box of 60 capsules.