RapidWhite Daily Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
RapidWhite Daily Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
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RapidWhite Daily Whitening Toothpaste 100ml

Manufacturer: RapidWhite

Efficiently removes yellow stains, prevents their recurrence and removes tartar.
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This RapidWhite Daily Whitening Toothpaste is an excellent daily toothpaste to whiten teeth and help your teeth whitening program. It has a fast-acting and long-lasting effect. It effectively removes yellow stains caused by red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco and natural ageing.

It's based on a unique composition of PVP and phosphates, essential ingredients for effective teeth whitening, to prevent the formation of tartar and the appearance of plaque. It also contains high levels of whitening silicas for optimal whitening effect and gentle cleaning to preserve the tooth enamel. The Fluoride helps to strengthen and remineralise the tooth enamel to protect teeth from premature decay. Intense mint fragrance for longlasting freshness.

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Toothpaste for your daily oral hygiene and teeth whitening program.

Recommended Use:

Suitable for adults. Do not swallow.

Carefully brush your teeth for at least 3 minutes preferably after each meal or at least twice a day.


PVP, Phosphates, Fluoride.