Vetoform joints dog 100g

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answered 100% natural to joint problems


Vetoform joints dog is a food supplement for joint pain, loss of mobility, rheumatism... Its effective formula, 100% natural, 19 trace elements, anti-inflammatory plants and Chondroitin is used alone or in relay of drug therapy in 1 to 3 months renewable cures. Form powder palatable, it mixes easily with the daily food ration.

Tips to use:

sprinkle diet or mix the powder in a background of yogurt.


1 tablespoon of coffee per day for dogs less than 10 Kg, 2 tablespoons for dogs of more than 10 Kg.Cure of one to three months


Harpagophytum, Meadowsweet, Chondroitin, alga Lithotamium


pot of 100 g powder