The Swedish Bio 100 ml balm

The Balm of Swedish Bio is a massage for the preparation and muscle recovery gel.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires St-Benoît

SKU: 4207152 balm of Swedish Bio 100 ml


Bio balm of Swedish is a basis of elements from organic balm. This massage gel is ideal for your muscles. It is recognized to prepare for the effort and help recovery after physical activity.

This massage gel leaves no oily film on the skin and gives a feeling of freshness of its application.

Finally, it contributes to muscle flexibility and joint mobility improvement.

Tips for using the Swedish Bio balm:

Apply to muscle and joint areas concerned. Before the effort to warm the muscles and after it for a faster recovery.

External use only.


water, alcohol, extracts of eucalyptus, Rosemary, pine, camphor, carline, myrrh, saffron, aloes.