NetLine wax depilatory strips face hypoallergenic 20 strips

Depilatory cold face wax

Manufacturer: Netline

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SKU: 4814202 NetLine wax depilatory band face hypoallergenic 20 strips

indications: depilatory wax cold face Netline, unwanted treatment specialist, has developed a range of depilatory products highly diversified, in order to resolve problems specific.

To remove hair and the superfluous duvets, making each skin a verdant, everything smooth smooth and silky, Netline offers the comfort of choice according to your aspirations: hair removal cream, hot wax or cold wax. Regardless of the method chosen, Netline provides ease of use, extreme minimization of potential skin reactions and results performance.

Depilatory Netline face cold wax comes in small strips tailored above the upper lip or Chin, as well as Jersey. easy to use and carry travel, camping, weekend, they allow a painless epilation and perfectly hygienic. This presentation includes a flaconnette of azulene oil, to eliminate all traces of cold wax could adhere to the skin but also to ensure a sweetness and a velvety exceptional.

operating tips: the hands warm one Netline sheet. The split by pulling gently on both plastic films for two strips. carefully, apply side product, one of the two strips on the surface tweezers in the natural direction of the hair. remove the Strip with a quick gesture in the direction opposite to the hair's growth. More the Strip is removed quickly, more hair removal is effective. fold the Strip to have a product that can be used again. change Strip when the product is saturated with hair. a strip is generally sufficient when epilating the upper lip and Chin. when the removal is complete, immediately apply the oil to the Netline azulene. Renew this application every day for 8 to 10 days.

Do not use on sores or buttons. remove any traces of product remained glued on the skin by tapping with the back of a used strip or using FAT.

For first use of the product, perform a test to the crook of the arm button.