Marie Rose Spray repellent Protection optimum 100ml

This repellent spray repels mosquitoes and flying insects during 8 hours.
Manufacturer: Marie Rose


SKU 2096560 Marie Rose Spray repellent Protection optimum 100ml


thanks to its concentrated repellents assets high-performance formula, the Spray repellent of laboratories Marie-Rose protects you effectively for 8 hours of the assault of all flying insects (European mosquitoes, tropical mosquitoes, wasps, flies). it is even in the tropics. this non-greasy spray, does not stain. For optimal protection in the event of infested area, it can be sprayed on the body, clothes and all surrounding textiles: curtains, tent and sheets.

Spray repellent Protection optimum operating tips:

well apply the spray to a full and effective protection.
spray generously on all exposed body parts and clothes. regularly renew the application in the case of sweating, exposure to the Sun or swimming.

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