Gifrer Bicare Plus Powder Dispenser 60g

Minty-fresh whitening toothpaste powder to fight plaque and tartar

Manufacturer: Gifrer

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SKU: 7354132


Developed by Gifrer, Bicare Gifrer plus is a menthol powder for oral hygiene used for teeth whitening. It combats plaque present on teeth as well as decolouration due to tea, coffee or smoking. Use also prevents the further development of dental plaque and tartar on teeth. 


Daily use teeth whitener.

Recommended Use:

Our pharmacists recommended to the following steps to get the most of out Bicare Gifrer Plus:- Rinse the head of your toothbrush under the tap and pour out a small amount of the product onto the brush. - Brush teeth thoroughly, making sure not to brush too hard.- Rinse toothbrush and mouth out with water. 


Sodium bicarbonate, bromelain, lactose, fragrance.