Coalgan Compress 5 x (30 x 50mm)
Coalgan Compress 5 x (30 x 50mm)
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Coalgan Compress 5 x (30 x 50mm)

Manufacturer: Brothier

Compress to stop the bleeding of wounds and foster their healing.
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Coalgan compress 5 x (30 x 50mm)


Coalgan compress is a bio-active and sterile compress made of calcium alganite. This pack is indicated for:

  • quickly stop bleeding from wounds,

  • promote the healing of wounds.

Indeed, the alginate compress releases its calcium to accelerate the aggregation of platelets and promote healing.

Coalgan compress is recommended for nosebleeds in children but also the nosebleeds in pregnant women. Coalgan is recommended for people with disorders of hemostasis.

How to use Coalgan compress:

  • For bleeding of the nose:

In order to facilitate the introduction of Coalgan into a narrow nostril, moisten it with saline. Do not cut or shred Coalgan, before its introduction into the nostril.

Any remaining fiber after the withdrawal of Coalgan are eliminated naturally. Coalgan does not stay in place longer than 24 hours. If bleeding persists, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

  • For skin bleeding:

Clean the wound with SOAP and water or saline before applying Coalgan. Apply Coalgan on the wound and remove the bleeding stop.


5 Pack of 30 x 50 mm.