Coalgan adhesive 12 dressings 6 (72x25mm) + 6 x (72x35mm)

Adhesive bandage to stop the bleeding quickly and promote the healing of wounds.

Manufacturer: Brothier

SKU: 2106984 Coalgan adhesive 12 dressings 6 x (72x25mm) + 6 x (72x35mm)


Coalgan adhesive is a bio-active and sterile dressing of calcium alginate.

These bandages allow to quickly stop the bleeding of wounds and foster their healing. Indeed, the alginate compress frees her calcium to accelerate the aggregation of platelets and promote healing.

It is also effective for people with congenital or acquired bleeding disorders.

Tips for using Coalgan adhesive:

Clean the wound and apply dressing directly on the wound.


2 sizes of dressing: 72 x 25mm

72 X 35 mm

Store at a temperature lower than 30 ° C.