Canys line dog Lotion Spray 75ml Eye Contour
Canys line dog Lotion Spray 75ml Eye Contour
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Canys line dog Lotion Spray 75ml Eye Contour

Manufacturer: Canys

lotion eye to clean and soften the eyes of your dog.
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Canys line dog Lotion Contour of eyes Spray 75 ml

, A veterinary specialist, laboratory Canys, develops products suitable for every dog and every cat. Indeed, the ranges proposed are intended to the toilet, behaviour, hygiene and care of your pet company.


the line dog Dermato range offers products designed to take care of your dog or your puppy gently for his good-summer daily.

Line dog Lotion eye outline is a cutaneous spray solution indicated for the hygiene of the contour of the eye of the dog and the puppy.


This eye lotion helps eliminate flows due to the lacrimal secretions and the dirt surrounding the eye of the dog or puppy.

Thus, regular use can eliminate the unsightly tracse at the base of the eye. Ultra-gentle cleansing base and its identical to that of tears pH respects the fragility of the eye. In addition, it contains water of cornflower and calendula recognized for their soothing and softening properties.

On the other hand, the presence of Aloe Vera eerce restorative, emollient and restructuring activity to the skin of the animal.

, Your dog's skin is soothed and his eyes are cleaned.

Tips for using Canys line dog Lotion eye:

Spray lotion on gauze or cotton.

Clean carefully the outline of the eyes of your dog or your puppy.