Akilene cream Nutri restorative feet dry 50ml

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SKU: 9947155 Akilene cream Nutri-repair feet very dry skin Mature 50ml

Properties: long Hydration time (24 h). Cracks and repaired cracks, roughness and dryness of the skin reduced in 7 days. visibly more beautiful and regenerated Skin, calluses reduced in 2 weeks. operating tips: 2 applications per day Massage the foot until full penetration of the cream. Do not use in children under 3 years.

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K. Emilia
  the 11/01/2020
5/ 5
I've been struggling for a good foot cream for a long time. Most of the time I would apply something overnight, my feet would feel nice in the morning but by the evening they would go dry and rough and always make me feel insecure. I'm only 20, my skin is very young but my feet have always looked like a 70 year old's . I stand and run around on my feet all day, and my whole body is very sweaty, with my feet always looking beat up, calloused, rough, dry but sweaty and just not very attractive. Soon as I put this cream on it was an instant change. 3 days after applying this once my feet very smooth, nails looked healthier, no dry or rough skin in sight. I was so happy and shocked I really wanted to cry. Feeling always so insecure about my feet this turned things around. Would recommend everyone to try, I'll have nothing else other than this.