Mucogyne gel vaginal 40ml


SKU 7126968 Mucogyne gel vaginal 40ml


Mucogyne is liposomiale non-hormonal a structure gel formulated to facilitate flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal mucosa. Mucogyne is indicated to facilitate intercourse. Mucogyne is recommended for postmenopausal women, alone or associated with hormone subsitutive. Thanks to the sodium hyaluronate, Mucogyne promotes the natural lubrication of the mucosa. operating instructions:

can be used vaginally according to needs or medical advice. Mucogyne can be associated with any treatment (hormone local, general or other). Composition:

Aqua, polymer glycol, vegetable phospholipids, camomile glycolic extract, mallow glycolic extract, carbomer, sodium methylparaben, cholesterol, diazolidinylurea, triethanolamine, sodium hyaluronate, edetate disodium, sodiumpropylparaben, acetate, acetate. Presentation:

40 ml with applicator tube.