Memoptic 30 Tablets

Dietary supplement to help with healthy vision and memory. 

Manufacturer: Densmore



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Memoptic, from Densmore, is a dietary supplement composed of choline from crystalline citicoline (cholingeric stimulant and nootropic) which has been awarded with the iprotect® quality label. Recommended by ophthalmologists, Memoptic is developed for healthy eyes.  This dietary supplement contains ginkgo biloba extract which contributes to nerve stability and helps with the healthy function of ears and eyes. It also contains zinc which helps with healthy cognitive function and eyesight. Its magnesium content also helps with the healthy working of the nervous system.


Dietary supplement to help with the synthesis of neurotransmitters as well as the maintenance of healthy sight and mental functions.

Recommended Use:

Sanareva's in-house pharmacists recommend the following:Take 2 tablets per day. Never exceed the daily recommended dose.Course for 3 to 6 months. May be renewed. The batch number and expiry date can be found at the bottom of the box. Eye health is extremely important and should be considered as one ages. We recommend that you consult your ophthalmologist regularly in order to get efficient assessment and monitoring of your eye health.


Composition for 2 tablets (weight per unit: 1133mg):

Choline (issue de citicoline 400 mg) .. 81.6mgGinkgo biloba (extrait) .. 80.0mg (of which: Ginkgoflavonoides .. 19.2mg)Magnesium .. 300mg (i.e. 80% DRI*)Zinc .. 3.0mg (i.e. 30% DRI*)Vitamin B5 .. 1.8mg (i.e. 30% DRI*)*Daily Recommended Intake. Made in France.


Box of 30 tablets.