Brad_33 Sport Endurance 20 tablets

P supplement food p our optimize preparedness and promote the athlete recovery.

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SKU: 4071190 Brad_33 Sport Endurance 20 tablets

Before or after a workout or competition, it is important to adapt his power to prepare and recover well. Indeed, practice an intensive sport or even a regular activity requires a supply of essential vitamins and adapted to be the most efficient possible during stress but also to help have a better physical recovery after the sports meeting. The athlete must respect a varied, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables but can also take a supplement.


Brad_33 products are intended for athletes to provide them with the necessary vitamins and minerals before, during and after the physical effort the Brad_33 Sport range offers specific products for every type of sport and with proven efficacy.

Brad_33 Sport Endurance is designed for athletes whose sport is mainly aerobic types such as running, cycling, triathlon, golf, skiing, water sports. This food supplement contributes to needs in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants athletes.

Thanks to this dietary supplement, preparation is optimized and muscle recovery is favored. It helps:

  • reduce fatigue,

  • protect the cells from free radicals antioxidants,

  • compensate for the loss of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants induced by repeated, intensive training

  • enhanced recovery between workouts.

Brad_33 Sport Endurance operating tips:

Take 1 tablet daily, swallowing preferably at the time of the meal with a glass of water.


This food supplement is allowed during competitions.

Its composition is specifically studied for prolonged efforts sports