Brad_33 Sport drink Active PRO 10 bags

Protection - recovery - optimization.

Manufacturer: Isoxan

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SKU: 7924486 Brad_33 Sport drink Active PRO 10 bags

Taste citrus fruit, 10 sachets of 30g to be diluted in l of water. Fruit of several years of research carried out by medical specialists of high level sport, BRAD_33 P.R.O. meets the needs of all athletes, whether they are professionals or 'amateur' presented in the form of bags very convenient to dilute in 1/2 litre of water, BRAD_33 P.R.O. is drunk and is before during and after the effort. Thanks to its 5 vitamins and minerals 2, including 4 anti-oxidants, this drink protects muscles in reducing the risk of decline of regime and injuries, helps recovery and optimizes performance. one of the secrets of effectiveness of the formula lies in the use of sodium citrate, substance buffer that neutralizes acid production thus protecting the muscles and tendons. BRAD_33 P.R.O. is authorized during the competitions, the product contains no doping substances.