Gum Trav-Ler Interdental Brushes 0.8mm

4 interdental, practical brushes. Ready for use, wherever you are.

Manufacturer: Gum

  • 2 or more: £3.60


SKU: 4788640


The Trav-Ler Interdental Brushes 0.8mm brought to you by Gum are small and practical. They let you clean all those areas that are really difficult to reach with other larger toobrushes. Because the interdental areas often hide the bacteria responsible for decays, gum disease and pariodontal problems, brushing your teeth just simply isn't enough. Therefore, the Interdental Brush significantly eliminates dental plaque by getting into those hard to reach areas in the mouth, thanks to its flexible head and ergonomic shape.


To use as well as normal teeth brushing.

Recommended Use:

For good oral hygiene, the Interdental Brush should be used after the normal brushing of teeth. Use the brush between teeth or around the orthodontic bands for effective cleaning. Always rinse the brush well after use with clean water and place it back in its cap.

For dental whiteness, we recommend you use the Gum travel whiteness Kit to take with you wherever you are.


Plastic Strands Impregnated with Chlorhexidine.


4 x Trav-Ler Interdental Brushes.