Abena Frantex Pants Premium Absorbent pantiese Size XL3 16 units
Abena Frantex Pants Premium Absorbent pantiese Size XL3 16 units
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Abena Frantex Pants Premium Absorbent pantiese Size XL3 16 units

Manufacturer: Abena Frantex

Mixed absorbent panties, eco-labelled and preserves skin balance.
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Abena Frantex Pants Premium Absorbent Panties is the premium, eco-labeled range of absorbent pants, developed for people suffering from severe incontinence. Abena Pants are used like traditional underwear. The modern design, made from a very soft material, ensures comfort, safety and discretion adapted to the mobile person.

Abena Pants preserve skin balance, a 3-in-1 function: the combination of 100% breathable protection, with optimal absorbent and dry-keeping technology and multiple anti-leakage devices helps protect and preserve the skin, even after several urinations.

The combination of different anti-leak barriers (side and front/rear) and additional elastics on the belt allows 360° protection, even when lying down or when changing position. Abena's high absorbent performance and its Top-Dry technology diffuse and encapsulate urine quickly to avoid direct contact with the skin and neutralize odors.

The entire protection is breathable to let the skin breathe and regulate itself. When combined, these features preserve skin balance and the skin's natural pH and thus help prevent skin irritation.

Abena Pants feature incomparable stretch that provides a secure and comfortable fit. The humidity indicator and its graduated scale on the outer casing guide the user and caregiver to simply determine the saturation level and guide their choice towards the product with the appropriate absorption level.

Abena Pants are Nordic Swan eco-labeled and dermatologically tested, this means that the protections and their composition offer an extremely low risk of allergic reactions.

In addition to placing emphasis on the health and safety of the user, the Nordic Swan ecolabel guarantees that the protection has been developed and designed according to a very strict regulatory framework in order to limit its environmental impact.

Available in multiple sizes and absorbency levels. Abena Pants also exist in specific models: special “boxer type” for practicing physical activities, junior sizes for children and XXL for people with obesity.

Moderate to heavy incontinence

Dermatologically tested

Size guide :

Measure your hip circumference.

Size XS Junior: 50-75 cm

Size XS: 45-70 cm

Size S: 60-90 cm

Size M: 80-110 cm

Size L: 100-140cm

Size XL: 130-170cm

Size XXL: 153-203 cm

Absorption No.: 3 - 2600ml


For optimal leak-proof safety, the size should be chosen according to the user's hip circumference. Used like traditional underwear.

After use, tear off the side pre-cuts of the belt, roll up the product and secure it using the rear tab and throw away the protection.

Cellulose fibres, sodium polyacrylate (SAP super-absorbent microbeads), non-woven, polypropylene, elastane (latex-free), glue (resin and wax), "BTBS": waterproof and breathable polyethylene + textile polypropylene non-woven, calcium carbonate.

1 bag of 16 units