Gifrer Physiologica Saline Solution 40 x 5ml Single Doses
Gifrer Physiologica Saline Solution 40 x 5ml Single Doses
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Gifrer Physiologica Saline Solution 40 x 5ml Single Doses

Manufacturer: Gifrer

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Saline solution recommended for cleansing the nasal passages and eyes of infants, children and adults.
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Physiologica is a saline solution from Gifrer: a saline solution with antiseptic properties, formulated with purified water and sodium chloride, perfectly tolerated by mucous membranes.

Multi-use, it is mainly used to clean the nose and eyes (exterior parts of the eyes and eyelids). It comes in the form of 40 single 5ml doses.

A must-have in baby's toiletries bag, Physiologica can be used daily in children and adults.

For nasal and eye hygiene in infants, children and adults.

Nasal cleansing: When cleaning the nasal passages, this saline solution helps eliminate excessive sebum secretions whilst protecting the nose from irritation thanks to its moistening action. To clean a child's nose, follow this method:

  • Lie the child down on their back.
  • Lean the head to the left or right hand side depending on your position.
  • Break the end of the saline solution single dose vial.
  • Introduce the spout of the saline solution into the child's nostril.
  • Press delicately on the spout to introduce the desired quantity of saline solution.
  • Lift up the child's head and let the excess liquid flow out of the nostril.
  • Clean up the excess liquid.

Eye cleaning: To cleanse the eyes, the solution should be used according to the following method: The eye to be cleaned should allows be the one closest to the ground when your head is leaned to the side. This prevents any excess sebum from running into the other eye.

  • Break the end of the saline solution dose.
  • Lean your head to the side.
  • Aim the corner of your eye at the ceiling.
  • Press delicately on the solution.
  • Let the solution flow onto your eye until it reaches the corner of the opposite eye.
  • Clean up the excess sebum.
  • Open doses must be used within 24 hours.
sodium chloride, purified water.
40 x 5ml vials.

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