Zamst MS - K Pat knee

Protection tape pre-cut to prevent sports injuries to the knee.
Manufacturer: Zamst


SKU 6019600


Zamst MS-K Pat knee is a type \"taping sur-mesure\ dressing" pre-cut, ideal for your knee. "

Indeed, this new generation of product comes all the expertise and know-how of the Zamst laboratory who signs here optimum protection in the prevention of sport-related injuries.

You have indeed to a protection of quality, long-lasting and resistant and being totally waterproof although very breathable for comfort and a maintains optimal during your sports practice.

Its pre-cut shape makes it a very simple product to place and position, even without medical knowledge. It is extremely adhering everything being very easy to fly out of its packaging for ease of use.


Bandage \"taping\" knee. "

Directions for use:

Follow the pre-shaped to position the tape on the knee then do join.


Adhesive bandage.


1 dressing \"taping on mesure\". "

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