Zamst Filmista Left Ankle Support L

Filmista is a brand new provision of ankle support to provide a secure, soft and thin support. Large size for left foot.
Manufacturer: Zamst


SKU 6019608


Zamst Filmista Left Foot Ankle Support L is a product to keep your foot in place also acting as a measure to prevent injury during sporting activity while ensuring a large degree of free movement

As it happens, this ankle support is the preferred solution for sportpersons to prevent injury and Filmista is a new revolution in efficiency and user-friendliness. No need to worry about unnecessary physio visits - this support will help ease the tension!

Once put on, this support strap can be adjusted and taken off in seconds and can even be wash for use immediately afterwards. The dual layer fusion construction combined with a variable compression support with skin-like softness providing excellent resistance to hold your joint properly secured with perfectly free movement. Does not take a significant amount of space for putting on footwear.

With a real second-skin feel, this super thin and ultra light support is a revolution in preserving shoe comfort while keeping in line with the movements of your ankle while ensuring the right tension in the right places to give you greater and precise stability.

Reference size chart (according to heel circumference):

S: 26-29cm / 10.25-11.5 inches
M: 29-32cm / 11.5-12.75 inches
L: 32-35cm / 12.75-13.75 inches
XL: 35-38cm / 13.75-15 inches

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Small left foot ankle support to provide the support for the healthy and free movement of your foot. 

Recommended Use: 

Place the ankle support on the left foot. 

May be machine washed.


Elastic materials.


1 left foot ankle support.

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