Yogi Tea energy female 17 bags

Fresh and fruity infusion made from hibiscus, Angelica and ginger root extract.

Manufacturer: Yogi Tea



SKU: 2440165


"The force feminine" is the subtle message that Yogi Tea attributed to his feminine energy infusion, consisting of hisbisus, licorice, leaves of raspberry and extracts of root of Angelica. "

Hibiscus, or Marshmallow, is a medicinal plant used in Greece for thousands of years. This ingredient has many virtues:

  • It contributes to the physical and mental capabilities
  • It plays a role in the tone,
  • It supports the emotional comfort,
  • It helps the circulation of blood in the microvessel
  • It is involved in digestion.

Angelica, the sweet flavor and aromatic smell, has roots that:

  • participate in digestive comfort, for the transport of oxygen in red blood cells and maintaining the functions of the body.
  • support the purifying physiological functions.