Womake Pencil Sharpener Dia Black 7.9 mm

Mini Pencil Sharpener for the maintenance of make-up accessories.

Manufacturer: Womake





The Womake Pencil Sharpener Dia Black 7.9mm is a practical and indispensable tool for all women who want to feel beautiful at all times. Its convenient size allows you to take it anywhere, even in your pocket. And thanks to its efficiency, the precise size of your line is guaranteed. You can perfectly and precisely  redesign the contours of your eyes or your lips.


Fits all sizes of make-up pencils.

Directions for use

Use your mini Womake Pencil Sharpener Dia Black 7.9mm to restore the sharpness to your pencils. Empty the sharpenre regularly to avoid diminishing the effectiveness of the tool.


1 7.9mm sharpener.