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Weleda organic Birch slimming Programme

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SKU 2630923 Weleda organic Birch slimming Programme


Birch juice:

prepared to collect the active substances of the leaves, beverage with extracts of birch leaves is on the physiological functions of elimination. Benefiting from this action, the skin lightens and the complexion is progressively purified.

The leaves of birch Weleda products are recommended :-the seasons (spring and fall) transition during a preiode of 3 weeks. For best effect, this last may be supplemented by the use of Sea buckthorn in effect toning. -in addition to a system of controlled caloric intake.

oil of Massage slimming:

To promote the reduction of cellulite.

This oil massage stimulates micro-circulation and facilitates the lavender of the skin tissues. Its completely natural formula is in the case of predisposition to cellulitic phenomena (orange peel skin, dimples...) and promotes the reduction of cellulite already installed. Young leaves of birch, Rosemary and butcher's broom extracts revitalise trade of circulatory and skin tissue. Massage slimming oil blends, Furthermore, properties revitalizing of the oil from apricot kernels, rich in essential fatty acids, with moisturizing properties of jojoba oil.

Associated with germ oil wheat, rich in vitamin E, this smooth vegetable oil complex, firms the skin and stimulates the natural regeneration of the epidermis. Natural essential oils support these conditioners and toning effects while providing a fresh and light fragrant note.

cream scrub Birch:

This Exfoliating soap free cream exfoliates and smoothes the skin while preserving its natural balance. Fine Carnauba and bees wax pearls eliminate dead cells and stimulate the renewal of skin. Sesame and apricot kernel oils contribute to preserve the skin drying out. Exfoliated, skin is clear and soft to touch. operating tips:

Birch juice:

Birch Weleda juice is particularly recommended : Each year, from 30 years in the seasons of transition (spring and fall) for a period of at least 3 weeks, to purify the body by stimulating the physiological process of elimination and preserve its youth and its flexibility. In addition to a plan of caloric intake controlled and associated with the use of the oil of Massage slimming programme slimming Weleda.

To enhance the radiance of the complexion by purifying inside. The Birch Weleda juice is drunk diluted in a glass of water or an infusion 1 tablespoon juice 2-3 times per day before meals, for 3 to 6 weeks. You can also dilute the same quantity of product (30ml) into a large bottle of mineral, to consume during the day water

oil of Massage slimming: oil from apricot kernels, jojoba oil, oil of wheat germ, essential oils including cedar, Cypress and lemon, leaf birch, extract of butcher's broom extract, Rosemary leaf extract.

cream scrub Birch: used 1-2 times per week in the shower. Prepares the skin care and increases their effectiveness. Ideal in addition to slimming massage oil.

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