Weewell Baby Monitor

Baby monitor with transmitter and receiver to make sure the baby sleeps well. Monitors the baby, serves as a lullaby and night light.

Manufacturer: Weewell

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SKU: LCS_8800290


Weewell Listen baby is a baby monitor that allows you to monitor and see your baby during his sleep to ensure optimal comfort.

This baby monitor is a multi-function device:

It allows first of all to watch the baby. The DECT technology of the baby monitor ensures no interference with other electronic devices. The night-light infrared camera makes it possible to have an eye on the baby anytime, whether it is day or black.

He acts like a lullaby. You can choose between 3 different sounds to lull your baby into music.

It also serves as a night light. Ideal for the baby to fall asleep easily and make him feel safe.

The parental unit has a range of 150 meters and contains a clip that can attach to your clothes to keep an eye on the baby while you move around the house.


Babyphone to see and monitor your baby.
Ensuring the comfort of the baby during are sleep.

Directions for use

In order to understand all the features of this device, it is recommended that you read the instructions for use before first use.


1 transmitter + 1 receiver.