Vitry Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers

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Professional stand clamp for epilating the sensitive areas of the face.

Manufacturer: Vitry



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The Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers from Vitry are a specially designed hair removal accessory primarily for shaping and defining your brow line with the highest precision. Created to expertly and easily remove hairs from even sensitive areas on the face, these tweezers deliver maximum comfort making hair removal and eyebrow shaping less stressful.Define your brows in comfort and keep them expertly maintained with non-hassle touch ups in your day to day. Eyebrow tweezers are an essential and this professional pair from Vitry are the perfect addition to your beauty kit.


For eyebrow maintenance and styling and precise removal of unsightly hairs.

Recommended Use:

Eyebrow styling and maintenance:Ensure to always draw the hair off my clamping it securely and removing it in the direction the hair grows.As a general rule, the first two thirds of your brow should go up while the final third should go downward.Vitry also suggest three simple steps to best style your brows: - Remove unsightly hair above the line on the each brow on either side of the imaginary vertical line which extends upwards from either edge of your nose to define the beginning of your brows.- Imagine another line extending from the nose edge again to the upper corner of the brow (the beginning of the final third) and remove unwanted hair here also.- To finish, you can now remove the remaining hairs on the underside of the brow to give your brows shape.


Stainless steel.9cm in length.


1 pair stainless steel tweezers.