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Vitis toothbrush farm 22 100

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SKU 4580626 Vitis toothbrush farm 22 100

VITIS toothbrush range has been specifically designed for optimal oral hygiene on a daily basis.

The perfect toothbrush for: -removing plaque -clean between teeth through specific strands cup.

end Monotip: facilitates the removal of dental plaque even in the most difficult areas to access. strands cut wavy: facilitates access to the interdental spaces. soft for gums: filaments rounded and textured specially shaped to meet the enamel and gums. ergonomic handle designed to fit perfectly in hand and the morphology of the mouth. Flexible, convenient and safe. protective cap: maintains the bundled strands and in optimum conditions of hygiene, protects them from external contacts. do not forget... wash and dry the tooth brush after use. Immediately replace the protective cap for a longer life of the brush. -a toothbrush in poor condition, not only does not correctly clean teeth, but can cause mouth lesions.Change his toothbrush every three months. -the toothbrush cleans only one or two teeth at the same time. Change position brush to brush all the teeth. -teeth brushing, as the use of wire or dental tape and the interproximal brush, requires learning, to be done correctly. -even if it is preferable to brush teeth after meals, it is necessary to use wire or dental tape at least once per day.The best time is before going to bed to keep plaque which is formed under control. -it is normal that the gums bleed slightly the first days of use of a toothbrush, wire or dental tape or a brush interproximal. however, if you notice pain or bleeding repeated when brushing , see your dentist or hygienist.

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