Vitis toothbrush small flexible head Access


SKU 2600428 Vitis toothbrush small flexible head Access


Toothbrushes Vitis Access to small head are studied for mouths. The form of toothbrush Vitis access allows the removal of dental plaque even in difficult places of access. Indeed, her small head has rounded strands reaching the hard to reach places. These rounded strands can also respect the tooth enamel and gums.

Ergonomic and flexible neck allows effortless and easy to use. It is adapted to the morphology of the hand and the mouth

this toothbrush comes with a protective cap to protect the strands of bacteria. It preserves the original position of the strands and allows a perfect hygiene of the brush by protecting contacts. external

operating tips Vitis Access brush toothbrush soft:

dentists recommend regular brushing 2 times per day for 2 minutes daily.

Must be thoroughly clean and dry the toothbrush after each use store the brush head into his cap after each use.


It is recommended to change toothbrushes approximately every 3 months.