Visiomed Bewell Connect Blood Pressure Wrist Self-Monitor

Auto-tensiometre to measure and monitor the best blood pressure and pulse.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

SKU: 6544928


Visiomed Bewell Connect Auto-tensiometre of wrist is practical: wireless and automatic.It allows to monitor the voltage at the desired frequency.The voltage displayed on the smartphone and is stored in the dedicated application.It is possible to share the tension obtained with the doctor in a click.Daily or weekly blood monitoring is done by a display of color: green (normal), orange (to watch), red (high blood pressure).

See inside for technical specifications of the monitor.


Wireless wrist auto-tensiometre.

Directions for use:

Refer to the manual on the inside.


1 auto-tensiometre+ armband arm round 22 ~ 36cm+ instruction manual+ user guide+ Pocket+ USB cable ~ 800mm