Vichy Ideal Soleil Emulsion BB tanned colour natural SPF50 - 50ml


SKU 7132578

Vichy Ideal Sun Emulsion BB hue tanned natural SPF50 - 50ml


Vichy laboratories offer discover sun cream high protection 50 spf's care tinted. Texture light control in formula BB, intensifies and brightens your skin. Its UVA and UVB filtration system protects your skin against the damaging effects of the Sun (aging of the skin, pigment irregularities, sunburn). UVA protection complies with the European recommendation.

some advice during a prolonged sun exposure

Sanareva pharmacists advise you not to expose babies and young children in the Sun. Do not forget that overexposure to the Sun can be dangerous. We advise you not to expose you during the hottest hours, usually between 11: 00 and 15: 00.

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