Vichy man Code purity foam shaving purifying Pack of 2 x 200ml


SKU 2643848 Vichy man Code purity foam shaving purifying batch 2 x 200 ml


The face of men is as sensitive as that of the woman. That is why when shaving, men must use a shaving cream adapted to their skin.

The Vichy laboratories have developed for sensitive skin a foam shaving purifying. It prevents the spread of new blemishes with anti-bacterial assets by reducing microcuts shaving-related. In addition, it calms the aggression of shaving. The skin is soft and healthy.

Tips for using shaving foam Vichy:

Shake the bottle and then collect the foam in the Palm of your hand. Lather on the areas to shave facial and massage gently, without support, for a few seconds. Proceed with shaving and then rinse.

in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.


product: ypoallergenique, SOAP-free and alcohol-free. Tested under dermatological control.