Vetobiol House Fogger 150ml

Strong antiparasitic insecticide for habitat.

Manufacturer: Vetobiol

SKU: 4307257


Vetobiol Fogger Habitat 150 ml is a perfect solution to eliminate parasites in a closed room. Treatment of bottom of housing in case of infestation by mites, but also assets on spiders, cockroaches, the ants, the mites, fleas, lice, bed bugs and ticks.

Its biological active principles, pyrethrum and the geraniol, allow a safe use and have no detrimental effect on the plants. The first acts on the central nervous system of animals in cold blood making it formidable to parasites. The second dehydrates parasites (best larvicide and ovicidal market).

Proven effectiveness and respect for the environment and entourage.

The action is immediate and lasts up to 4 months after publication.

The product does not stain, does not stick, and leaves no lasting odor.

A full spray covers a surface of 60 to 80 m².