Uriage Roséliane tinted care sand 01 Tube 15ml

Sensitive skin prone to redness.Rosacea, red or hot facial areas.

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 7869528


Care of complexion Roséliane have been specially formulated to hide without overloading the redness and imperfections of the face and to complement the anti-redness cream action. Enriched assets vasoprotective softening and silky texture, tender and slightly powdered, they bring to the skin a sensation of extreme comfort and very natural perfect coverage. The complexion is bright, perfectly uniform throughout the day.


  • Protect the microcirculation.
  • Mask the redness without overload.
  • Galenic exceptional, silky, melting and comfortable.
  • Bright, uniform and natural complexion.
  • Choice of 2 colours.
  • Dyed long.


Recommended Use:

apply topically on redness or the entire face after Hakan anti-redness cream application.