Uriage Keratosane 15 200ml bottle

Skin intense droughts with scaling or roughness. Face or body. Infants, children and adults (particularly well suited to seniors).

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 5145594 Uriage Keratosane 15 200 ml bottle Properties:

Keratosane 15 is a double action : Its concentration of Urea (15%) allows him to have actionable keratolytic zones bumpy or scaly body. The presence of hydrating active ingredients also restructures the skin making it smooth and soft.

  • Fluid milk suitable for large areas of the body.
  • Penetrates instantly.

operating tips:

apply twice a day or more depending on the needs on the areas concerned. caution: transient tingling sensations are possible on the most sensitive skin. avoid contact with eyes.