Uriage oil skin 200ml bottle

All skin types, including sensitive. Can be used on the body or in the bath.

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 4367559 Uriage oil skin 200ml bottle Properties:

Oil Dermatology is particularly nice for use thanks to a dry, smooth, non-greasy texture which penetrates quickly and leaves a delicate perfume on the skin. it hydrates and instantly restructures the skin thanks to the combined presence of Apricot and raspberry seed oil almond oil rich in fatty acids essential omega 3 and omega 6

  • Brings immediate comfort and film-forming effect.
  • Allows to dress quickly.
  • Does not make the tub slippery.
  • Handy measuring Cap.

operating tips:

apply to the body once a day or pour into the water of the bath (1 to 2 caps). to get a dose, press the bottle.