Uriage Demulcent Extreme Tube 200ml

Severe droughts accompanied by irritation. Face and body. Children and adults.

Manufacturer: Uriage

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SKU: 4292531 Uriage Demulcent Extreme Tube 200 ml Properties:

With its formula enriched with oil seed raspberry whose balance essential fatty acids is optimal, Demulcent Extreme is a skin care balm sweet, non-greasy texture that has a soothing and restructuring action for relief immediate. Demulcent Extreme also boasts an exceptional tolerance and permanently extends the perceptible effects on the skin with a single application per day.

  • Baume E/H non-greasy texture.
  • Excellent persistence: a single application per day.
  • Essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 intake balanced.
  • Immediate relief soothing action.

operating tips:

Apply morning and/or evening on the face or body previously cleaned.